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"Success leaves tracks. So follow them" - Troy McClain

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     Called a “Living Energy Drink” by the Idaho Press Tribune, the nation was introduced to Troy McClain on Donald Trump’s hit TV show The Apprentice. He was selected as a finalist from 250,000 applicants and rode his underdog status all the way to the final four. Troy focuses on growing people and businesses to great heights in his role as as CEO of The McClain Companies. He has spearheaded a number of startup, turnaround and growth companies.

Troy's philosophy is: The best way to get ahead is to give back. An international speaker, he has collaborated with the top names in business, including Warren Buffet, and has shared the stage with with Tony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen (of Chicken Soup for the Soul) and many other influential leaders, athletes and entertainers. Troy has served and been honored by Idaho Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter, former U.S. Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne, the Kellogg Innovation Network, Special Olympics International and a long list of others. His enthusiasm, experience and determination have enabled Troy to live “the American dream,” pulling himself and his family out of poverty through hard work and street smarts. Troy McClain works tirelessly to make that dream the reality for everyone whose life he touches.

"You invest in your chief aim ... not your goal. Warren Buffet told me that money has to be the byproduct of your success." - Troy McClain

"Don't ask how ... ask why. With 100% belief, the facts don't matter." - Troy McClain
Do you remember Troy from Season One of Donald Trumps NBC series The Apprentice?

He is a living example of how anyone can achieve their wildest dreams!

Achieve Your Massive Obsession! AXS CEO Troy McClain Has Helped Countless People, Charities and Businesses.

He is considered one of the top public speakers in the nation. If you or your organization need an experienced motivational speaker with extensive business knowledge and perspective, contact Troy today.

"How fun is life going to be if we start seeing the little things ... How fun is life going to be if we just start seeing life from beyond the obvious ... Imagine what a little thing can do to disrupt America to the positive."

     "Who would have thought a country boy from Idaho could go on national television, be seen by 28 million Americans every week and still appreciate the simple things like fly fishing on a backcountry stream?" Troy's official website reads. "That is Troy McClain. Troy’s rise to prominence happened as he climbed Donald Trump’s ladder on NBC’s 'The Apprentice,' advancing all the way to the finals." Troy is a ball of energy and enthusiasm who seeks to utilize his success to Give First to his community and to those who need help the most. 

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"Most people in business will tell you you've got to have your Ph.D., you've got to have an MBA. I tell everybody, I got my Ph.D. a long time ago. I was Poor, Hungry and Driven. That's my Ph.D.," Troy says with a smile.
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"Today, what I'm working on is my MBA. My Massive Bank Account."

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